Verve [vurv] noun

  1. Enthusiasm or vigor, as in literary or artistic work; spirit:
  2. Vivaciousness; liveliness; animation
  3. Talent

The Green Verve is not just a name that piques curiosity and makes people ponder the meaning, but it is the culmination of a lifetime of searching for purpose and significance in one man’s life. That man is Ken Green.

Ken has chosen a path in life that is not commonly followed. At 41, he left a successful career in transportation management to follow a dream that had been inside him since his childhood. This dream has come to fruition in The Green Verve.

Ken was born and raised in St Louis, Missouri. He is the fifth child and second son to Jim and Sandy Green, a working class family who believe in strong values, hard work and undeniable faith. Ken and his siblings were raised to put family first and this loyalty and devotion runs strong throughout his veins. After graduating from a local Catholic high school, Ken took the work ethic that he was raised with and began his career in transportation. It was hard, physical work and that physicality fed his energy.

In addition to working hard, sportsmanship and playing hard was the other consistent theme in Ken’s life. Playing team sports was a family affair for the Greens. His father would coach, his mom would keep score and each of the siblings played on several teams throughout all the years of their childhoods. Ken excelled in every sport he tried. Whether it was baseball, soccer, football, martial arts, racquetball or any of the many others he’s tried, he quickly mastered the sport. This love of sports and physical activity has followed Ken throughout his entire adult life.

Even as a young man, Ken was passionate about living life to the fullest. He found fun and happiness in every corner of his world and lived each day with a zest that was unmatched by anyone he knew. He met his wife, Jill, in 1994, and after many years spent together having fun while falling in love, they married in 2005. They quickly began their family with the birth of Sophia in 2006 and Jude in 2007. As is his nature, Ken brought stability, happiness and a lightness of heart to his family and it multiplied with each passing year.

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Life Coaching

But deep inside, Ken knew that there was one thing missing from the life that he has always envisioned. Throughout his career in transportation, he found he had a knack for finding viable solutions and bringing a vision to life. He knew that, if given the opportunity, he could make a business run with precision and lead people to success. It was these seeds that began to grow within Ken over ten years ago. Not knowing what the future would hold, but knowing that it was his life’s purpose to bring his ideas to life, he began to methodically put a plan in place that would eventually lead him to where he was destined to go.

Over the past 10 years, Ken began to align his vision and brainstorm to find what things would spark inside him. Several businesses and inventions were dreamed of, but none really grabbed him in his gut. Ken spent years trying to identify what his calling would be. How could he leave his imprint on the world and bring his desire to help humanity to life? When the answer finally came, it seemed as if it had always been right in front of him. Ken would use his lifetime of experience in sports training and business management to bring something to the public that is truly priceless… and happiness.

The Green Verve is Ken’s vision of what he can bring to others to have the most impact on their lives. Ken believes that the most important gift he can give to anyone is true happiness and the first step to that happiness is a healthy body. Ken is adamant about happiness being pure and prevalent. His vision is not to focus on a socially acceptable idea about body type, but rather to focus on each individual’s inner happiness. This happiness may have to do with a personal goal, self-acceptance, or simply being able to play in the yard with your children, but it is through physical vitality that this happiness will begin to grow.